Because there's no such thing as a stupid question....:)

  1. Who will deliver my leaflets?
    We differ from most local distribution services in the nature of our delivery network. Rather than expecting a small team of distributors to deliver a large number of leaflets each we use a larger number of distributors, each covering their own small local area - usually around thier own home. None of our distributors are asked to deliver more than 2,000 leaflets in any calendar week.

    We have distributors from all walks of life - pensioners, homemakers, students, self employed business people. That's why we're called PeoplePost! In fact the only thing our distributors seem to have in common is that they are honest and reliable. We are very careful in who we employ and use a 4-step recruitment process to ensure we get the "best post people possible"!

  2. How do I know they will be delivered? The last people I used chucked half of them away...
    We do a number of things to try to ensure that all materials are delivered as expected.

    Firstly we recruit good people and we pay them properly - our typical rate of payment to our distribution team is nearly double that offered by many other leaflet distribution services.

    Secondly we train, support and monitor our distributors, helping them to do their job properly. Workloads are carefully managed to ensure every member of our distribution team has a manageable delivery round, and all distributors are tracked by our GPS system.

  3. Why should I use PeoplePost instead of Royal Mail?
    Because we are cheaper. Because we are experts in the local area and we know which campaigns are most likely to succeed. Because we provide help with design and printing. Because we will come and collect your material.

  4. Why should I use PeoplePost instead of my sister's husband's next door neighbour's son?
    A very good question. If he's honest, reliable, diligant and understands direct marketing then give him a chance. Just make sure you pay him properly.